Infection Control, Health and Safety, Practice Management Study Booklet Mock Exam

This booklet contains excellent review for the National Dental Hygiene Certification Board Exam under the category #3 Health and Safety with Practice Management

Infection control, health and safety and practice management

Includes the following:

3.01 Applies principles of infection prevention and control.
3.02 Applies principles of risk reduction for client, colleague, and practitioner safety, health and well- being.
3.03 Takes responsibility for the use, maintenance, and disposal of equipment and materials involved in the delivery of dental hygiene services.
3.04 Uses information systems (e.g., health records, financial records, etc.) for the collection, retrieval, and storage of data to support dental hygiene practice.
3.05 Manages time, resources (e.g., financial, materials, personnel, etc.), and priorities to ensure effective dental hygiene practice.

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