DAANCE eCourse *Self Study*

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Our NEW and IMPROVED DAANCE Course now ONLINE. Updated January 2020. Learn at your own pace and get access to help via email 24/7. This course is meant to be used with your main study guide and blueprint for DAANCE.

Sign up for this course grants you access to our videos and power points. Our easy to read and understand power points make taking this course as enjoyable as it can be!

This course is highly recommended and includes:

--3 Modules

--Basic Sciences (anesthetics, pharmacology, nervous system..)

--Evaluate and Prepare

--Anesthetics (sedation, types, prepare...)

--Equipment and Monitoring (airway...)

--Emergencies and Vitals (cardiovascular, respiratory...)

--Mock exams after each module

--Full power points for easy studying

--Mobile and computer accessible

-->This is a self study course - study at your own pace with our videos, PDF files, and mock exams.

*Instant Download of login information.

Andrea Majewski- www.dentalelle.com

**Disclaimer -- Dentalelle's courses are not in any way endorsed by or affiliated with the Dental Anesthesia Assistant National Certification Exam, DAANCE, or the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons**

-->This is an instant download of all digital files, and due to this nature, no refunds can be issued.

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